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Infused with Castor Oil for Strengthening & Hairline Maintenance (Lays, Grips & Resets Lace-Frontals for Flawless Wig & Weave Application Strong Hold for Sleek & Sculpted Styles).

Multi-use spritz styling gel specifically formulated to be gentle on edges & nourish hair while delivering superior hold. 

The nourishing power of Olive Oil is combined with Castor Oil, Burdock Root, White Peony & our Keratin Complex for strengthening to help protect & promote healthy hair.

  • Non-adhesive wig & weave application.
  • Delivers up 48 hours of hold.
  • Freeze sets final styles in place.
  • Dries clear & residue-free.
  • Resists sweat & humidity.
  • Lasting hold for sleek sculpted styles & edges.

How to Use:

  1. For wig application and resetting previously applied Wig Grip Gel or Spray, spray short bursts along the hairline.
  2. Allow at least 90 seconds to dry.
  3. Once tacky, place lace-frontal over the desired area & press down to secure.
  4. For spritz styling, spray 10”-12” from wet or dry hair & style as desired.

Pro Tip:

Pair Liquifix Spritz Gel with a pressing comb to blend hair leave out with extensions, or define & lay hair partings on lace wigs.

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