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For Professional Use Only

Salon Pro 30 Seconds Super Hair Bond Glue has a patent pending formula ideal for the perfect hold with amazing speed.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Apply Salon Pro 30 Seconds Hair Bonding Glue to stitched side of weft. 

                        2. Part hair and apply side of weft with glue to match parted section of hair. (Do not apply to scalp).

To remove: Following directions on Salon Pro 30 Seconds Remover (Oil or Creamy Lotion). To avoid hair loss do not pull.

WARNING: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction in some individuals. To avoid hair loss do not pull. Do not put on scalp. Do not use on hair that is damaged. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes, if contact occurs, wash throughly with water.

INGREDIENTS: Natural Rubber Latex, Water, Polyacrylate, Terpolymer, Ammonium Hydroxied, Carbon Black (Cl77266), Fragrance (parfum). 

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